Our Tools guru Jeff Towne is back with a post that can literally improve the workflow of audio producers who work with both Pro Tools and Hindenburg. Jeff New Tools: Shortcuts Pro Tools vs. Hindenburg | Atlantic ... | 17.09.2016 07:09:12 http://atlantic.org/news-events/new-tools-shortcuts-pro-tools-vs-hindenburg

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HowSound is the bi-weekly podcast on radio storytelling produced by Rob Rosenthal for PRX and Transom. From fieldwork and recording techniques to narrative HowSound | Atlantic Public Media 17.09.2016 07:09:11 http://atlantic.org/national/howsound

As of 2011, Nantucket County had the highest median home prices in the nation. Land is at a premium—which makes starting a farm on the island extremely Community Farm to Start up on Nantucket | Atlantic Public ... 17.09.2016 07:09:11 http://atlantic.org/local-food-report/community-farm-to-start-up-on-nantucket

Transom Story Workshop. Thank you for applying to the Transom Story Workshop. To complete your application, please submit the $50.00 fee below. via PayPal Atlantic Public Media: Transom Story Workshop 17.09.2016 07:09:11 http://atlantic.org/about_apm/transom_workshop.php

Google Earth Tours: Monarch Butterflies Migration As a part our ongoing collaboration with Encyclopedia of Life and a Google Outreach Developer Grant, New Google Earth Tours with EOL | Atlantic Public Media 17.09.2016 07:09:11 http://atlantic.org/highlight/1510

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